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Pot Smoking Christians

I used to feel that smoking pot was OK.  But as I’ve grown to love the Lord more, I’ve realized it’s just another of those lies the devil would like us to believe.  Pot, is very insidious and lulls you into a false sense of spirituality.  More accurately, it lulls you into a sense of false spirituality.  It’s a false spirituality that is kept in the confines your mind and rarely results in the action that Christ centered Spirituality demands and manifests.  It sings to us that sweet, sweet song that everything is OK.  It sings songs of false comfort to us, saying you need me to relax or God made me it must be OK.  You tell yourself, pot makes me think, aren’t I wiser because of because I smoke marijuana?

Marijuana masters our minds and addicts us to inactivity.  In truth marijuana separates us from God and those who love God.

Satan makes you think you must get high, and then uses guilt and idleness to keep you from assembling with other saints.  For Christians, it may be the worst drug of all.  Pot seems so harmless, presidents, senators, many people in lofty positions have tried it.  We tell ourselves, they did it why shouldn’t I.  Quite simply, you should not smoke marijuana because you belong to Christ.  In so many places He asks us to “be self-controlled and pure”. We are told that if we do not follow the laws of our government, we are rebelling against God.  We are told not be intoxicated, one only smokes pot is to get intoxicated.

Getting high is just wrong for the Christian.  Anyone who says differently is a liar and is not guided by the Holy Spirit.  Those who listen to that person are not Christ followers they are followers of a fool who will separate them from the Creator of Joy and Happiness.  God gave us an incredible brain and mind.  It can’t be improved it with marijuana.
God calls you to do great and mighty things; you’ll never accomplish those things if you are stoned. Free your mind. Hear His voice.


One thought on “Pot Smoking Christians

  1. WOW!!!!! Independent confirmation, Steve, thank you! I said exactly the same thing at Christian Life that pot gives you a false sense of being “spiritual”. Your argument is way better than mine was too. Oh thank you, I am getting it right, and so are you. What a relief! I’m getting so close to real freedom FINALLY!!! In Christ, Meg

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