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What about Page?

My name is Steve Page. I’m just a guy who wishes to serve Jesus with all of my heart, soul and mind.

I was once blind and now I see, meaning I have lived most of my life as a non-believer, seeing the world through a lens that was filtered by my own selfishness and sin. Now that I know the Grace of the Lord and now that our Savior has adopted me into the family of God, I now see things through spiritual eyes.

What I see causes me great concern. I see Christians who are more involved in the world than they are in the body of Christ. They spend more time watching TV, playing video games or listening to secular music than they do in the Word or in fellowship with Christians learning about Christ.

Another area of concern for me are some parts of the Charismatic movement and where they seem to be headed. Prosperity preachers want to convince us to “sow seeds of faith” by giving our money to them. To me this reeks of the indulgences that the Catholic hierarchy sold before the Reformation movement. Other parts of the Charismatic movement would want you to believe that as a Born Again Christian you can be possessed and hassled by demons, for no reason. They may teach that there are curses attached to our names, that Christians are plagued by generational curses, that Christians are haunted by generational demons or they may teach other things that are equal displays of doctrinal darkness and superstition. We must wonder if these teachers even believe in the Redemption of Christians through the Blood of Jesus Christ or if they understand that the Born Again Christ follower is born into the family of the Father.

These issues cause me great concern and cause me to write about them. I welcome your comments. I understand that I do not have all the answers and I appreciate civil and wise discourse.


2 thoughts on “What about Page?

  1. Hey Steve. On the rebelution I saw a comment about only taking our views from the Bible, which I totally agree with. What I don’t agree with is that babtism isn’t symbolic. You might not remember it (the post was two weeks old), but if you have interest, I’d be happy to discuss the matter.

  2. Benjamin I’m on a working vacation at the moment and only have limited time and internet access. I would be happy to discuss this with you in the future.To be honest I’m not interested in having another discussion where I state my views and somebody replies with the stock answers from CARM, GotQuestions.com or similar sites.

    Please don’t be offended, I’m just stating my heartfelt opinion with no intent to harm or hurt. Those sites and the others are written by our brothers in Christ who believe we are saved by faith alone. Of course we know that we must make the choice to repent, we must choose to believe and Paul states that we must choose to confess that Jesus is Lord. If you try to pin them down on those points they waffle and double talk until they can only make believe that those things happen automatically if we believe in just the right way.

    In order to believe their own doctrine they are forced to say that baptism is symbolic, they can’t say or even consider any other position. The little box they’ve put themselves in won’t allow any other belief. They are also forced to ignore verses that oppose their views, or make them say something that the authors didn’t intend them to say.

    The real issue isn’t whether or not baptism, the real issues are: 1. are we in a covenant or not? and 2. Is faith the only condition of the covenant if we are in one.

    I’ve written some of my thoughts, if you’d like to read them (links are below). I probably won’t be able to post anymore until I get home. Thanks and God Bless


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